Hi my name is John Seda, and I am the President of Rising Sun Music.  For years, I have been working on developing a new way in music.  Our music is a fusion of traditional and contemporary rhythms.  I decided years ago to develop music that has meaning and that would touch and heal the listener's soul.  I believe in making music, sounds and rhythms that can bring out different emotions within people. Within my travels I became more interested in different styles of music. My vision was to create world music that would implement various rhythms from different countries taking the listener on a world journey. During the years many great artist have recorded with the Rising Sun Music team.  Our concept is that of Unity through music.  Our goal is to develop music that the world can enjoy and embrace.  God created music as the universal language so we can all understand each other without any boundaries. Rising Sun Music is here to assist you in making you musical dream come true.
John Seda
President / Rising Sun Music