Taj Majal, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Wendy Melvoin, John Blackwell, Harold Acevedo, Millie Puente, Robert Lockwood Jr., Tony Bennett, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Eddie “Gua Gua” Rivera, Batacumbele, Robben Ford, War, Victor Mendoza, Rick Latham, Dave Samuels, Giovanni Hidalgo, Jerry Martini, Cynthia Robinson, Greg Errico, Vernon “Ice” Black, Gali Sanchez, Raphet, Juan “Pericles” Covas, Tito Puente, Little Richard, Gran Combo, Los Kentons,  Edgardo Rodriquez, Karl Perrazo, Raul Rekow, Greg Bissonete, Zoro, Luis Aquino (Lead Trumpet for Yanni), Frank Ferrer, Adalberto Santiago, Quintin Berry, Pablito Rosario, Anthony Carrilo, Victor Payano, Cachete Maldonado, The artist formerly known as “Prince”, Marty Balin, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Ritchie Gajate, Fred Coury (Cinderella), Alex Acuna King, Charles Glenn (Little Richard, Ozone and DeBarge), Elena Sahara aka Elena Romanova, Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, John Ravenhall, Dan Hougesen, Apostle J. Dancy, Marcia Higgs, Fernando Diaz, Noah Bellamy, John Reid, Michael Cordone, Bradley Livingston, Bradley Falk, Franco De Vita, Marcus Terrell Smith and John Pinto Jr. from the cast of The Book of Mormon, Aja Lorraine, Layne Harper, Carl Harris, Such A Voice ( Bud Light, Gillette, T-Moblie, Five Guys, Dodge) Such A Voice producer Angela Castonguay, John Seda is a Mentor for the Recording Connection Audio Institute, Film Director Hemant Dinkar, Actor Aryan Vaid, Navy Seal 3 Star Admiral Sean A. Pybus interview, Leo Villanueva, Scott Reynolds, Joni Klein-Higger, Gina Lamonte, 48 Hour Film Project nomination for Best Musical Score, Mello Red, Bizzy Bone and many more.

"Rising Sun Music recording studios in Tampa, Florida takes you on a journey of creativity... that lasts a lifetime."
- Cruz Baca Sembello - Los Angeles Publishing Administrator, Composed Gravity for Motion Picture "Cocoon"

"I always had a great creative, musical time with the RSM group. An eclectic, energetic group of musicians."
- Walfredo Reyes Jr. Drummer for Steve Winwood

"Rising Sun Music recording studios in Tampa Bay "Great place to work at. The Best!'"
- Juan "Pericles" Covas Grammy Award Winning engineer

The song "Out To The Ball Game" produced by John Seda perfectly expresses the mood of Spring Training. It takes my emotions to the next energy level!"
- Sho Ishida TV Director, Nihon TV (Tokyo, Japan)

"To John Seda -The best in sounds for us"
- Tito Puente Legendary Grammy Award Winning percussionist

"Music and sports can provide a relationship beyond any language barrier.... We international sports fans are very happy with the song "Out to the Ball Game" produced by John Seda. Through it, we can feel the warmth of our American friends. When you welcomed Hideki Matsui through this song, it cheered him very much and made him more comfortable about living in America."
- Takahiro Nomura, Mainichi Newspaper editor Tokyo, Japan

John Seda and Rising Sun Music recording studios in Tampa, Florida found our project quite early. John's recording studio is a sanctuary and gymnasium for raw creativity. His gift is gently cracking you open so good stuff can flow out. His expansive resume cannot reveal the depth of his versatility. I've never seen a tool he needed hat he couldn't pull out hoof his toolkit. His creative hand has left fingerprints all over Guided Passage
- Bradley Falk's, Become who you are.

"Rising Sun Music has the best quality, sound, engineer, and vibe in the Tampa Bay area."
"King Charles Glenn" Platinum Record Recipient, Bassist for Legendary "Little Richard" and "Ozone"

Rising Sun Music is a place where music really happens. She can be born here, or simply visit for fun, but either way music is alive + happy here.
- Ed Verner

After recording in so many studio's around the world-"RISING SUN MUSIC IS WHERE POSITIVE CREATIVITY ABOUNDS"
- Donny Vosburgh


Production Nominations

2016 ISC Competition.

Semifinalist for the song Willie The Worm

written by Joni Klein-Higger and produced by John Seda

2016 Songwriting Competition

Award Award Finalist Children Category for the song Buckle Up Those Seatbelts

written by Joni Klein-Higger and produced by John Seda

2016 International Songwriting Competetion

Semifinalist for the song Willie The Worm

written by Joni Klein-Higger and produced by John Seda


Official Award for Action On Film Festival

CD Insert The Producers AMD.jpg

48 Hour Film Project nomination for Best Musical Score

48 Hour Film Project Poster.jpg


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