Born in Long Island, New York on July 9, 1958, and raised in Puerto Rico, John Seda, President of Rising Sun Music and has always had a natural knack for creating music. He learned his first chords at age 11 from his mother, Gloria Seda Lopez. The passion this instilled in him kept him focused on music, and soon after, he began leading most of the bands in which he participated. As leader of these groups, he developed producing skills as he learned sound and experimented with different sound and production techniques. He stood out as a youth because of this difference, and he began playing guitar solos for bigger and better known groups. By the age of 15, he was playing among the best Latin Jazz players of his time.

In working with national and local artists, John has found every project to be a learning experience, both for himself and for the artist. He looks forward to this growing process with every new project. “Sometimes people come in and they have a unique talent, and sometimes they don’t even know they have it,” John says. The opportunity to help harvest that talent is what he loves the most about his job. It gives him the opportunity to help local artists open doors for themselves with their music.


John Seda is endorsed by Black Diamond Strings,Cubase Pro and all SteinberG products and RME.